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Anonymous asked: Tips for hanging out with some good looking boys???


they’re probably really boring so make sure your phones fully charged

When you’re not feeling big enough, just be the size that you are — with no judgement and all truth. You may not feel tall, but you will feel your depths. And from there, your power can only grow.

—Danielle LaPorte (via liquid-diamonds-flowing)

Someone told me some secrets early on about living. You have to remind yourself that you can do the very best you can when you’re very, very relaxed. No matter what it is, no matter what your job is, the more relaxed you are, the better you are. That’s sort of why I got into acting. I realized that the more fun I had, the better I did it, and I thought, Well, that’s a job I can be proud of. I’d be proud to have that job, if I had to go to work and say, ‘No matter what my condition or what my mood is, no matter how I feel about what’s going on in my life, if I can relax myself and enjoy what I’m doing and have fun with it, then I can do my job really well.’ And it’s changed my life, learning that. And it’s made me better at what I do. I’m not the greatest or anything. But I really enjoy what I do.

Cunt again? It was odd how men … used that word to demean women when it was the only part of a woman they valued.

—Asha Greyjoy, A Dance With Dragons  (via cavum)

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